WFFMMA Looks To Close Year Out With A Bang

For the true fan of mixed martial arts few things are more enjoyable than catching a live event. Sure superstars make their name in places like the fight capital of the world Sin City, or at Madison Square Garden in The Big Apple. Yet those heights weren’t achieved overnight.

Those pinnacles are afforded to those who cut their teeth down in the trenches, the battlefields few mainstream fans have ever heard of. For many if it doesn’t say McGregor or UFC, it just ain’t MMA baby.22730219_10155702323736390_2842979485904979279_n

Nothing could be further from the truth.

It is shows like the World Fighting Federation that nurture those who seek their opportunity to chase their aspirations as far as their heart and talent will take them. It is in that Arizona MMA cage where some of the deserts most celebrated fighters earned their shot at the big show.

Looking back at a decade of MMA WFFMMA has seen countless fighters graduate from their cage to various organizations including Bellator, and the UFC. Think of names like Birchak, Salazar, Moreno, and Cejudo to name just a select few. Hell, even one of their cagegirls became a Playboy Playmate. Sorry I digress.

The point is this isn’t some promotion looking to exploit athletes at the expense of their health and safety all the while lining its pockets on others blood, sweat, and tears. This is a quality organization that provides a quality platform for fighters to showcase their skills.

22687542_10155697369246390_3951458679157109021_nThat cage has become the canvas for two warriors to paint masterpieces live before the eyes of thousands of fans for a very long time now.

On November 4th promoters Brandy Pierce and Thom Ortiz look to close out 2017 as they and their staff feature a new crop of young warriors mixed in with some saavy veterans for your viewing pleasure.

A card stacked with talent will be on display and featured by the stunning Wild Horse Pass and Casino in Chandler Arizona. Live from Ovations seven bouts will be contested and surely leave fight fans counting the days until 2018.

With a handful of amateur fighters looking to strengthen their records a fan can expect to see young warriors who have been sharpened against the iron they aspire to emulate in their coaches and teammates from a broad spectrum of MMA gyms in the southwest.

While the term amateur might give the impression of a less than capable fighter, nothing could be less true. In today’s game of MMA amateur simply means a check wont be waiting cageside when the final bell rings. But make no mistake when you see these warriors compete, there will be nothing amateur in what they offer one another and those looking on come fight night.

Once they have had their say then rising stars like Tracy Cortez, Peter De La Cruz, and Nathan Hyland will step in and show what a seasoned athlete brings to the table. It is an exciting combination of young and experienced athletes showcasing the many layers of what the Arizona desert has offered for years.22489922_10155683603306390_8784055271415880189_n

That is to say showcasing warriors forged in the fires of scorching desert heat.

There is nothing quite like watching a live MMA event. Even cooler than that is looking your buddy in the eye and saying a year later “Dude, I watched this kid clean some guys clock in Chandler last year. I can’t believe he’s on T.V. now. Don’t blink.” Trust me, I know.

So come on out and support your local fighter. I gaurantee they are chomping at the bit to show you what they are capable of, and when you get a taste you’ll be begging for more. Live MMA is second to none.

Once you get past the idea that you may not know every athlete by name, or even the gym they fight out of. Once you get past that illusion that fights are dictated by the brand. Only then will you realize that if you truly are a fight fan, names aren’t nearly as important as the fight itself. Brands don’t dictate heart. 21616210_10155588155801390_2473238273978142365_n

But if you wanna see some good old country hardball type MMA, you can never go wrong supporting your local athlete.

Go to to get your seats to this gorgeous venue for an exciting night of MMA. I’ll see you there, as will WFFMMA cagegirls Deseree and Jordyn.

And please support our sponsors as without them and the athletes none of this would be possible. Wild Horse Pass, Cricket, Quintana Law, and Cannon & Tulin of On Q Financial.